SCALO celebrates a cosmopolitan lifestyle, high-end craftsmanship, and slow fashion through each of its sophisticated and vibrant pieces. Our collection combines the talent of Mayan weavers with the skills of Italian artisans. Exotic weaves handmade in Guatemala are at the core of SCALO, and play a key role defining the distinct soul and personality of the collection. Each of our handbags is hand stitched in Florence, blending the weaves from Guatemala with beautiful Italian leather. Florence’s rich leather heritage is reflected throughout our collection.

SCALO effortlessly blends timeless artisanal elements with contemporary design. The collection’s clean aesthetics and versatile design is paired to the deeply personal stories behind each piece.

SCALO firmly believes in the preservation of the Mayan cultural heritage by safeguarding and promoting dying art forms and ancient techniques such as weaving and embroidery. Furthermore, SCALO is strongly committed to its local partners and seeks to create opportunities for its network of artisans. We work closely with cooperatives of women in the Guatemalan highlands, who provide for their families and whose livelihood can improve significantly if giving the right opportunities.