Sloane Squeeze – Mustard Lux

Stunning leather clutch bag with hand woven fabric made in Guatemala and pink cotton lining. Made by artisans in the south of Spain.


Almolonga #3Almolonga #3Almolonga #3Quetzaltenango #1Quetzaltenango #1Quetzaltenango #1Quetzaltenango #2Quetzaltenango #2Quetzaltenango #2San Antonio Aguas Calientes #4San Antonio Aguas Calientes #4San Antonio Aguas Calientes #4San Marcos #2San Marcos #2San Marcos #2San Marcos Multi PurpleSan Marcos Multi PurpleSan Marcos Multi PurpleSan RaymundoSan RaymundoSan RaymundoToto Silk GoldToto Silk GoldToto Silk GoldZunil OrangeZunil OrangeZunil Orange
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Dimensions 0.8 × 31 × 20.2 cm

Almolonga #3, Quetzaltenango #1, Quetzaltenango #2, San Antonio Aguas Calientes #4, San Marcos #2, San Marcos Multi Purple, San Raymundo, Toto Silk Gold, Zunil Orange

Our bags are hand crafted using genuine leather and vintage hand-crafted fabrics which can contain irregularities and lose threads. Like all natural materials, both leather and fabrics react to the atmosphere. Humidity rain and sunlight can damage the bag. Should the bag get wet please absorb the water immediately with a dry cloth. Overexposure to sunlight can stain or alter the colour of the bag. Should some of the threads in your patterned fabric become lose, you can simply snip them off with scissors. DO NOT PULL THEM.